Sunday, December 22, 2002

Wow, my first internet caf� experience and what a great little caf� it is. 400 dram an hour I would have been willing to pay just for the heating. And the best thing is that the caf� is directly across the street from the Frank Muller store, which means that after H.A. and I go watch shopping, we can cross the street in our suits and log about our experience.

I know I should avoid police stories, but this one I think is worth logging about.

I got stopped by officer I don�t knowian (badge #0270) for allegedly not turning on my directional signal
while making a lane change.

He asked me for my documents and asked me if my California drivers license was my license. I said yes and he said okay.

So he argued with me about me making a lane change and I said to begin with, there are no lane markers to constitute a lane. I said that when he gets out there with a bucket of paint and marks the road, we can discuss his claim of me not making a correct lane change. He asked me if I was refering to my laws again (America�s)? He asked me with a big smile if they made me clean the window film on my car? I then knew that I had saw this guy during my visit to the impound yard and this is the reason he didn�t hastle me over not having an international license.

He argued a bit more and when I told him to write a ticket so I could go, he said this time he would forgive me. I didn�t thank him, took my documents and drove off.

So today I ended up spending most of the day (until 6:45 PM) at the mechanics, where they did a bunch of welding work on the exhaust system. It cost me a whopping 2,500 dram (less than $5).

Since I was hungry, I decided to go to Artbridge and guess who I ran into there? I really could not believe my eyes and thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me, but this time for sure it was none other than Nune Y.

Since they were so busy and there were no tables available, I asked this girl who was sitting with Nune if I could join them. I used my best American-Armenian accent so they would feel sorry for this poor Diaspora Armenian and guess what? Well since I�m writing this log, no be bad body guard jumped me and dragged me off the bathroom for a head bashing.

So I joined Nune and I think her P.R. person Liana. They were having cauliflower soup and broccoli pasta. I ordered the same instead of a steak since I think that Nune is a vegetarian and I didn�t want for her to be turned off of me on our first �date�.

Nune gave me her phone number and invited me over to her friends house for x-mas eve. So if anyone is planning on inviting me, too late, I spending X-mas eve with Nune!!!

Well tomorrow is a work day and I have to make arangements to pick up Vagif�s wheelchair.

I also want to point out that after talking to a bunch of people today, my coming to Yerevan yesterday was very risky as Armenia has not seen weather like this for a long time. I may also be stuck here for a while as we are expecting a big storm on X-mas eve/day.

I just checked the history list of where this computer has been surfing and I just want to say that after reading it, I wanted to put on rubber gloves or maybe a huge condom over my entire body so I would not catch anything. I can�t imagine anyone wanting to surf porn and really can't understand how anyone can do it in public.

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