Sunday, December 29, 2002

I just posted on the Ara Manoogian forum chapter 3 of Shahan Natalie�s �The Turks and Us�. It is titled �INEVITABILITY OF THE ARMENIAN STRUGGLE �.

This chapter addresses some of the faults of the Armenians for not preventing the genocides we faced when we had the power to do so. It�s a real wake-up call for us today to learn from our past so it will not be repeated.

For those of you who are new to the logs, I am posting chapters from a book by author Shahan Natalie titled "The Turks and Us".

Natalie was the mastermind behind the terminations of the young Turk leaders and their collaborators who were responsible for the 1915 Armenian Genocide and were in the process of planning a second genocide on the people of Artsakh. In this book, Natalie shares first hand observations as to what happened during and after the genocide.

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