Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Tonight was fried chicken night!!!

Last Sunday when I was in Stepanagert, I purchased a deep fryer/cooker/steamer. Tonight I cooked up some fried chicken, French fries and onion rings. This little miracle set me back a whole 8,000 dram (about $15).

I have to tell you it�s been almost 3 years since I�ve tasted fried chicken and as I was chomping at the bones, I could feel my cholesterol count rising.

It certainly was a welcome change from the usual baked chicken. The locals that joined me for this unique dining experience loved the taste, texture and speed at which the meal was prepared.

I fear that I�ve introduced a not so healthy delicacy to Martuni and I hope that it does not catch on or else we may have some future candidate for heart problems. Come to think of it, this will only add to their bad habits of eating such things as cooked pork fat with garlic.

When we finished up, I fried up the potato skins and fed them to my dog Juhka. He loved them.

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