Sunday, December 29, 2002

Just as I decided to go to Yerevan, I decided to return home to Artsakh.

I just got in to Martuni about an hour ago and as you might expect, the return trip home was quite an adventure. I wont write about it now as I have to get some sleep and also make a few calls and get an estimate for some minor body work on my car. Not that it matters, the scrape on the side of my car was clearly not my fault and the cops in Goris were really nice to me and the chief offered to pay for the damage that someone else caused (though I think the guy is related to him in some way).

Anyway, I got home to a house and dog that really missed me. My room was 0.9c. My wood had been delivered, but not cut up yet, so I�m improvising on heating my room. It�s up to 16.1c and I think I should at least get it up to 18c before I go to sleep. I guess things are warming up as the refrigerator just turned back on.

Oh and Harout, how will life be without our puppies, Snoopy and Santa's Little Helper?

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