Tuesday, December 31, 2002

The murder of Tigran Nagdalyan, Armenia's main television channel chief is very sad.

The people here were expecting such things only after Kocharyan was re-elected, but I guess they were wrong in their estimates of when such things would happen and I fear they are right as what we can expect next.

Though it�s a tragedy when anyone is killed, I get the feeling this murder and the ones to follow are a direct result of the law and system failing the greater population.

"Those for whom a human life is of no value, who are restless at Armenia's stability and progress, who paid no heed to the festive mood of the people, have thrown down a gauntlet to the whole of Armenian society," President Robert Kocharyan said in a statement handed to Reuters by his press service.

What Kocharyan is referring to as stability and progress I fear is only on paper and this tragedy could be a direct result of that house of cards they have built which looks like it may soon collapse.

I hope that Kocharyan has the sense to see this as a wake-up call and take appropriate measures to correct his governmental actions and policies that could have brought this on and may bring other such murders in the future.

You may think that Ara is just talking nonsense, but mark my words, history will one day reveal that what I am saying is true.

My condolences to Tigran�s family, friends and the people whose lives he touched in a positive way. I�m sure they will miss him dearly.

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