Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Happy New Year to all!!!

I wish I could say that the New Years celebration was over, but it feels like it just got started. In fact, it will continue tomorrow and all the way to the 6th or 7th.

On the31st of December until today, I�ve been making my rounds. I�m stuffed and just want to explode.

This year as appose to last year was less festive, but in some ways more joyful.

It�s as if the people have a better understanding of life and the show is over and real life means of living are being applied. I also get the feeling that the people here are feeling that some of the long waiting for a new beginning is nearing, meaning that life just may get better for all soon.

Even I get a feeling of greater comfort, and being in more control of my surroundings exist. Maybe others are feeling the same power as I am.

I made my rounds to 5 houses before midnight, which included delivering Vagif Stepanian�s wheelchair. I think that was the greatest joy I got yesterday as I know that wheelchair will really make a huge difference in that mans life.

Today I took my car to the body shop and tomorrow afternoon, it will be ready for me to pick-up.

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