Tuesday, January 07, 2003

If I was living in the states and my computer power-supply burned out like it did today due to a sudden power serge, I would have been looking at placing a special order to the manufacture and spending $150 to get a new one (Mama Manoogian once had to do this).

Living in Armenia and Artsakh has its advantages when it comes to such situations, as we don�t have quick and easy access to such parts, thus there is always a service available that repairs things that we throw away in the West.

I took my power-supply to Armen, who is known for his resourcefulness to fix anything that is electrical and can be fixed.

Armen dropped everything he was doing and got to work disassembling my power-supply which clearly was made not to be taken apart, but Armen took it apart. He quickly determined the problem, took out a burnt component, which he gave to me so I could pick one up in Stepanagert. He put the power-supply back together so it would continue to work until we replace the burned out part.

The repair cost me a whole 1,000 drams (less than $2) and that includes Armen again taking the power-supply apart and replacing the component that I will bring from Stepanagert.

So my computer is back up and running and I saved myself $148+. I guess this is one of the advantages of living in Artsakh and Armenia, people really are very resourceful.

Like Harout said in his log, the weather is incredibly nice. It peaked at +20c today. I hope it does not get any hotter as the tress my come out of hibernation and start to bloom, which would mean when things get really cold in February, they blossoms would drop off and we would have another year of little or no fruit.

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