Monday, January 27, 2003

A friend of mine was suppose to make me an electronic mouse/rat repellent device as I have a mouse living between my floorboards.

Well my friend didn�t come threw yet and a couple of days ago, I could hear my mouse has turned into mice who were arguing with each other and chewing on the wood floor under me.

Now I�m not sure if they are trying to cut a hole around my bed so I will fall threw to the room below me, but before things got to that point, I decided to send them an eviction notice.

I put in an envelope the eviction notice, which is poison coated wheat, which I inserted threw their mail slot which places the notice right in their living area.

I hope I�m not talking too soon, but I think my little unwelcome guests have got the message as there is no sounds coming from my floor today.

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