Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Today was an extra busy day, which I got only 30% of what I planned on doing completed.

This morning I went to Stepanagert to take Rosa Myrig to have some tests run to see what is the cause of her high blood pressure. After checking in with the diagnostic center and waiting a bit, we were told that since Rosa Myrig ate breakfast, she could not be tested and would have to come back in the morning on an empty stomach and have a bunch of tests run where she could then eat something around 11 AM. I dropped her off at her relative�s house.

After that I ran around from one place to another like a chicken with its head cut off.

My last stop was at a friend�s house to pick up some materials that he had brought with him from Yerevan for my factory, where I had my first meal of the day at 4:30 PM.

While we ate, they had the television on some Russian channel. It was some talk show that everyone in the room watched. It was the Jerry Springer type of show but worse. For those of you who don�t know who Jerry Springer is, he is a guy that has a talk show that is all about conflict between couples, friends and so on that is pure made up revolting junk.

Since I don�t understand Russian, I had to rely on pictures, which I�m quite fluent at. So this show was about 2 brothers who have learned to hate each other thanks to some girl. I knew this because the brothers boxed it out a bit and the word I picked up on was �orgasm� (in reference to what one of the brothers could not give her) and also because at one point, she started to unzip one of the brothers pants. It also helped that my friend explained it to me.

So now were all talking about what a stupid and harmful show this is and what business does it have being aired in Artsakh? I suggested that maybe it�s because we were picking it up from Russia and how can we block that? No I was told, it�s relayed from our very own television station and if the NKR government�s ministers of social security, education, defense, health and the President and Prime Minister had any common sense and cared about our well being, then they would not allow such garbage to be pumped into our homes for children to watch and get ideas (this remark was not made by me, but by a native who is younger than me). In fact I learned that there is one station that is aired here in Artsakh, but is banned from being aired in Russia because the content material is apparently harmful to some viewers. I guess this subject is going to be added to my list for the second time in 12 month, as I recall this subject coming up a few months ago by one of my mechanic.

Anyway, after a meal and long conversation I headed back to Martuni to find that we had no power and was told that Stepanagert was also in the dark. The power came on a couple of hours later.

Oh I would also like to report that I now have a cat, who I think belongs to the whole neighborhood and I also guess my mice got their eviction notice as I am now on day 3 of no mice noises.

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