Monday, January 27, 2003

For those of you that missed the fight on January 24th at Crystal Park Casino in LA, then let me be the one to announce that Shawn Yacubian won the fight!!!

I know some of you are probably wishing you could have made it out to LA to see that great fight, but didn�t. Well guess what, your in luck thanks to modern technology. You can relive that great moment in your living room with all the beer and pretzels you can stuff your face with while relaxing in your favorite chair in your underwear, thanks to pay-per-view (note: I am sorry to report to those that live in the city of Martuni, Artsakh, that this service is not yet available, but there is really good Armenian made beer and pretzels for those that can only read about this great fight). For a schedule of fight times, you can click here.

Congratulation to Shawn for his win!!! I know you will keep on winning those fights and gain the world championship title you have been working so hard to get and deserve.

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