Tuesday, January 07, 2003

When I was in Yerevan I picked up a cassette copy of System of the Down�s �STEAL THIS ALBUM�. From the hand written cover, I really thought that this was a totally pirated copy (which I�m sure it is since it cost less than $1), but didn�t say anything to the seller as I really wanted to hear what System sounded like.

What did I think of System? Well I�m really not much into aggressive music and the first time I put it on (on my way back to Artsakh), I only got passed the first song before I turned it off.

The next time I heard it, I didn�t put it on, but a couple of teenagers put it on as we went to Stepanagert and were just passing Aghdam. They had no idea what it was and thought they didn�t understand a word being said, they liked it and I was forced to listen to the whole thing. If you have ever heard System, then you can only imagine what was going through my head while listening and driving through Aghdam�s destruction. It was defiantly an experience I wont forget.

So not only did the kids like it, but I got use to it and after making the most of it and listening to the words (which I rarely do), I really seemed to enjoy the message they were giving. Okay, maybe a couple of the songs I don�t totally agree with, but overall, the music and messages seem very cool.

Another thing I want tell you about is something that Harout told me when we were circling the Lake Sevan and talking about music and System (before I got the cassette). Harout said that a non-Armenian friend�s younger brother is a System fan and knows all about the Armenian Genocide because of System. I guess before every concert, System gives their fans an Armenian history lesson and particularly talk about the Genocide. I�m sure Mama Manoogian will soon be a System fan for this reason, as she has always perched and practiced that it is our job to educate non-Armenians of our cause if we are going to be successful in getting international recognition and resolve this problem we all face. It seems that System is doing just this by educating the next generation of non-Armenians, which is a huge service to everyone.

One downfall to listening to System is that I now crave pepperoni pizza and we have no pizza restaurants in Martuni. Why pizza and not fried chicken? I can deal with fried chicken!!!

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