Friday, January 17, 2003

I�m really having some problems with my dreams lately. This may sound totally irrelevant to life in Armenia, but since I�m dreaming it here in Armenia, these dreams must have some reflection of life here in a way.

The common theme of my dreams lately is WATER.

Yesterday it was me drinking water and it somehow spills out of my mouth. This didn�t happen one time, but it happened 3 times in 3 different dreams.

In today�s dream, I was driving a boat on a freeway, which people were looking at me as if I was nuts, but the road ends up being flooded and the cars around me had to stop, while I kept going, driving my boat round in the water. I have to tell you that I felt very clever to be in a boat.

I�m not sure what water dream I will have tomorrow, but it�s really starting to bother me to have so many water dreams.

What does this all mean?

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