Saturday, January 18, 2003

For those of you that are following the Raffi Hovanessian and his bid to run for President story, I think it is going to turn into a huge stink if they don�t allow Raffi to legally run, recognizing his application of 1991 as the start of his citizenship. I say this as the normal process takes about 6 months if there is no extra government red-tape.

The more Raffi pushes this issue and the more the government violates his rights, the more support people will give Raffi and resent Kocharian and his government. I say this as the big question to me here in Artsakh from the general population and government workers is if I have yet received my citizenship? Though it�s not that important to me, it seems to be a very important issue to the people here and it just adds to the resentment they have towards our �elected� president, Goulkasian.

I wont get into details, but will say that Kocharian is knowingly making his way down a very dangerous road and he is not just playing with fire, but a huge bomb that is going to at some point blow up in his face.

Remember what happened in Yugoslavia? I get the feeling that if Kocharian is �elected�, the same thing is going to happen in Armenia and real democracy is going to finally be introduced to Armenia and I believe that Raffi is going to play a huge role in finally bringing that real democracy (which does not exist today) to OUR country.

Bravo Raffi!!! Give them hell and don�t ever let them forget that they are not the only ones living here. They and their 300 friends that control 60%+ of the income to Armenia are the equivalent to a flee on a dogs butt and one good washing can rid up of such a pest.

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