Saturday, January 18, 2003

I�m sorry to have to report this, but after 8 days of waiting, my worst fears may have come true.

It seems that my dog Jhuka (the best garbage disposal I had) is gone. Has he run away, or has he been dognapped? One thing is clear, he is no place to be found. Asking around and calling for him has produced no results.

The last time I saw Jhuka was when I gave him a nice hot meal of macaroni and leftover chicken.

One thing we fear is that someone came into my yard and led Jhuka away. The picture to the right is a representation of what a surveillance camera could have seen in my front yard and the picture below is a representation of what Jhuka looked a little like before he vanished.

One thing I did notice the night following my seeing Jhuka for the last time was the sound of wolves or coyotes under my bedroom window in my neighbor�s yard. Could they have led Jhuka off to join their pack? I can picture him now with a black bandana and patch over his eye, barking out orders to the others in the pack.

I�m also thinking more on the line of these pictures and the man in our surveillane picture who maybe led Jhuka off to work with him since he was so smart and could provide sound advice to that man. I mean that man looks like he is in need of sound advice, don't you think? Okay, maybe the wolves or coyotes make more sense, but you never know.

My neighbor says that I should not give up hope, as maybe Jhuka has found a girlfriend and when he is done having fun, he will come home. I sure hope so, as there was nothing better than the joy I got from seeing Jhuka when I would come home and he would dance around from being so happy to see me.

I guess I really have no luck with dogs. Maybe I should stick to goldfish or pet rocks instead.

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