Saturday, January 11, 2003

Sorry for not logging earlier, but I got home today from running around and I laid down for a nap and well, you get the idea.

Today it got chilly. It was 5c all day and tonight it�s 5.5c.

Since it was cold, the work on the roof was delayed as were not too sure if it�s a good idea to get started on it as if we have a freeze within 3 days of the cement being laid, it could crack and a roof is not a driveway where water is going to leak through. So I guess the roof will have to wait and I hope all that nice cement I�m trying to use up does not harden before I have a chance to use it.

Instead of the roof, one of my workers started to dig a trench along side the main water pipe that has never froze, but did last month. It�s going to be buried 50 centimeters deep, after being coated with tar, so it won�t freeze or corrode prematurely.

Today was bank day for me to distribute money to our aid recipients and on Monday I should be receiving the Christmas donations that one of our readers (DD) was so kind to arrange from members of her church. Eleven families will be receiving an unexpected one-time gift of $25 to $125 as a result of her efforts. I�m sure God will reward you and your fellow worshipers for your unselfish deeds.

I�m feeling much better now and really all that�s left of this flu is some very light discomfort in my throat (which I guess is not part of this flu) that the doctor said will go away.

I got to park my car in my parking area as the cement of the new driveway was dry enough to drive on. All that�s left of that project is to have a small steal tank or plastic barrel fitted with a heating element, circulating pump and some fluid that wont freeze. I was thinking vodka and water, but that could be a problem around here, as the evaporations rate is much higher for such fluids in this part of the civilized world. Does wine freeze? That would be cool to say that I heat my driveway with wine.

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