Monday, January 13, 2003

Today is the eve of the Old New Year (referred hereafter as �ONY�). I�m not too up on the ONY, but people here seem to know all about it. It seems that based on the old calendar, January 14th of the new calendar is the day that January 1st fell on the old calendar.

A friend of mine gave me 2 candles to light so I could observe the ONY, one of them on the eve and one on the actual day.

So I decided that it would not hurt to play along and put a candle in a candleholder that I got as a gift from someone on the new New Year and lit it after it got dark outside, as I had been instructed.

I guess at midnight I�ll be welcoming in the ONY, that is if I happen to be awake and maybe I�ll even pop open a bottle of the bubbly (Jermuk) to welcome it in..

Happy ONY to all, may it bring to you all you want and then some.

I think I need a cup of coffee because I�m getting a little yawny and if I�m going to be awake to welcome in ONY, I have to do something to rid myself of the darn yawny feeling.

Note: The candle to the left is the actual candle that I have lit to welcome in ONY and the candle that I will light tomorrow will look almost identical to this candle at some point of its burning.

I did the artistic touch up to make it look like it is floating in the clouds (thought that was not my intention and maybe it does not even look like it�s floating in clouds). I wonder if I could do photo touchup for a living? I better keep my day job. Wait, I don�t have a day job!! Oh well.

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