Saturday, February 01, 2003

Today I went to the village of Jardar to look for a woman who is 106 or 107 years old. She was widowed 30 years ago and had no children. Her only support that she gets other than her pension comes from a grand-nephew who lives in Yerevan. Her neighbors report to me that she is very independent, but could defiantly use any kind of help that we can give her (they too all help her in anyway they can). So I found her house and learned that her grand-nephew came when the weather got very cold and convinced her to go to Yerevan for the winter so he would not have to worry about her. They say she will return in a couple of months. She will replace Vartush Myrig as far as the aid we receive for her.

I hope this picture didn�t frighten you as it initially did me. This is the old woman�s neighbor�s dog and he is not showing his teeth to attack or bite, but he is smiling. Once I figured that out, the dog, whose name is Sharig (which in Russian means �Marble�) and I played a little bit.

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