Thursday, February 27, 2003

I need to really avoid watching the Armenian news as it�s not any help to my nerves by listening to the garbage they are televising over the airwaves.

They were �reporting� to how uneducated Demerchian is and how he is being tutored as to who and what is found in the outside world. The kids in the room looked to me with a smile on their faces and repeated to me what the announcer was saying and then began to comment on how stupid someone like that could be.

It�s clear that Armenian television is Kocharian�s propaganda machine and not a station to report the news or reality. All I can say is that Kocharian is really playing with fire and come March 6th, that fire is unfortunately going to be out of control and the only person that will to blame and have to answer for it is Kocharian and his administration.

And here is a gem to share with you as to show who Kocharian is and how backwards his way of thinking is. All I can say is that this is an article of a man that really has to go if he really believe what he has said and if he does not believe what he said and said it just to cover up a bad situation that he has created, then he should be hung, because a leader who lies to his people for his own survival should not be tolerated and I get the feeling with what we have seen with the protest, wont.

Elections destabilized Armenia, president says

Mediamax news agency
26 Feb 03

Yerevan, 26 February: The opposition candidates have waged a "joint
anti-propaganda campaign against the incumbent president, and some of
them have overstepped all ethical norms" during the election campaign,
Armenian President Robert Kocharyan said today in Yerevan.

The fact that "our society today has a lower potential for stability
than was the case before the elections" is the result of this campaign,
as well as of the opposition's actions following the first round of
the elections, Kocharyan said.

After the second round Armenia will have to spend its resources for
several months in order redress the situation.

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