Friday, February 14, 2003

Oh boy, it looks like I�m going to have to stop watching Armenian television for at least the duration of the presidential elections.

Tonight I was swearing at the television as some guy named Arthur, who I guess is one of the Kocharian dogs was spewing poison out of his mouth.

He was claiming that things are better now and doing it in such a way that was crediting Kocharian for the improvements.

When he started to talk about Lincy money, I was really wishing that I was in the studio with him to tell him that Krikorian would have given that money irregardless of who was president and if the Kocharian government was not as corrupt as it is, then I believe that Krikorian would have helped out even more or maybe not even have to have helped out as much as he did, since the economy would have probably been healthier and the tax revenue would have covered much of what Krikorian is paying for.

He talked about all kinds of social and economic issues, which most of them were exggerations of the truth.

Then tonight when I was visiting someone house, they had the local Artsakh news on and who was being interviewed, none other than our regional minister and former bank director Michig Hovanessian. He was no better than that Arthur guy as the lies were spewing out of his mouth too. He talked about our wheat harvest and claimed that the wheat sold for something like 85 dram a kilo. What he neglected to say was that when the initial harvest was done, those that had to sell their wheat to pay back loans and so on were only being offered 60 dram a kilo and only when all the poor people were done making their desperation sales, did the price go up, at which time Hovanessian and his buddies who he himself had a couple hundred tons of wheat to sell did so at the higher price.

I made a promise to Hovanessian last year that I was going to do to him what I did the last regional minister and demand to the prime minter that he be removed from him post, but he is not going to only be removed, but I want to make sure that he is publicly humiliated to the point that he leave Artsakh all together and moves to his house that he has in St. Petersburg, Russia, that he purchased with the money he got from all the bribes and �commissions� he received when he was the bank director.

Anyway, I guess I just have to back off a bit and just concentrate on focusing my energy to do things that will really improve the lives of people here and then if one day I have the resources to make the changes that will eradicate our real problems, then I�ll do that too, and trust me, that day will come sooner rather than later.

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