Monday, February 17, 2003


Well it looks like the February weather we have been waiting for has finally arrived.

It came just in time, as it was getting a little bit too warm and the trees were almost going to flower, which would have meant another year with little or no fruit on our trees.

A few days before it snowed, we had light rain, which was kind of a pain as it turns the roads to mud. The snow is more desirable, as you can walk outside and still stay clean.

The down side to this snow is my planned trip to Stepanagert is off, as the work I had there was to be conducted outside. Well I guess that�s going to have to wait.

When the snow stops falling, I have go outside and sweep the stairs while the snow is still power, so later it does not melt a little and then turn to ice, which like Alex Sardar has stated in his logs, is a real danger and no fun.

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