Saturday, February 22, 2003

I get the feeling that some really bad things are around the corner. I�m still a little bit shook up from what happened this morning and am trying to do my best to deal with it.

When I went to the bathroom this morning, my unwanted houseguest was lying face down, dead in the toilet. I�m not sure if it was an accident or suicide? I mean there was no note left behind, so I�m really not sure.

Please forgive my babbling, but I�m feeling a bit distraught and don�t know if I should feel happy or sad?

I mean I didn�t want it to end this way and never expected the sonic mouse/rat repellent device (that I turned on 3 days ago) and the heavy snow and cold we had last night to have such a potent effect. I just wanted the little mouse to leave my house and go back to the fields or to my neighbor�s house for the rest of the winter. Anyplace but here.

I guess the little mouse was so distraught that it didn�t know what to do and that moment of insanity (that what my friend said the device causes) was just too much stress and made the poor thing take its little life in my toilet.

Don�t tell anyone, but before the authorities showed up and in the panic and confusion that followed my discovery, I accidentally flushed the evidence.

I�ve got to get in touch with my friend to see if he finished making that sonic corrupt government official repellent device and also get in touch with the prop department at Universal to see if they still have that toilet in storage that was used in the movie �The Incredible Shrinking Woman� and have them ship it to Yerevan quick, before the weather warms up. I hope it flushes.

Something good has to come from this tragedy and I want to make sure that the mouse didn�t give its life for nothing. I think that's the only way I will get over what happened.

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