Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Tonight a friend of mine who is visiting from France came home with a live rooster, which he plans to cook for dinner tomorrow.

So here we were at 11 PM with a rooster that is screaming its head off and my friend who I so bravely had told a couple of days ago that I could kill and clean a chicken and he telling me how great it is that I can clean this screaming rooster, as he has no idea how it is done.

Well off came the rooster�s screaming head and in no time, I had the rooster in boiling hot water and feathers all over the place.

I really surprised myself as I guess by watching, I learned how to clean a rooster and take out its inner organs, knowing which ones were to be kept and which ones were to be tossed out. The whole thing brought back memories of junior high school and dissecting frogs in biology class.

So tomorrow night we will be having rooster in wine sauce.

I wish I could log more, but I�ve been so busy with work and entertaining my friend, who is seriously considering moving to Martuni within the next few months.

I hope his moving here works out, as it will be great to have a second Diaspora Armenian living here to help with work that we agree needs be done.

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