Monday, February 17, 2003

A big thank you goes out to one of our readers AC, who earlier this month made a donation for the one year sponsorship of an individual living in Artsakh that was truly in need.

Our latest recipient was an able bodied man who during the war fell victim to an Azeri rocket attack, which he was injured in and lost his sight.

At the time of the incident, Serge was rushed to Stepanagert to be airlifted to Yerevan for emergency surgery to restore his sight. Unfortunately due to the on going war, the flight that was to take him was delayed, which during the wait, the nerve to his eye deteriorate, thus making it impossible for the doctors in Yerevan to restore his sight.

As a disabled war veteran, Serge receives 25,000 dram a month, but with him, his wife and 2 school-aged sons, life has been very difficult to survive on that only source of income they have.

Though the additional $50 a month Serge will now receive will make a big difference in Serge and his families life, what Serge really needs is his sight to be restored, which he has been lead to believe can be done, but not in Armenia. If this happens, I believe that he would no longer need any help from us, as he is physically able to provide for is family.

If there is anyone who know someone who can advise us on who and how we can determine if Serge�s sight can be restored and if there is anyone foundation or individuals that sponsor such operations, please e-mail me.

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