Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Is this good news, or a warning of what Armenia could be facing in the near future over the US wanting to settle to Artsakh conflict?


Turkish Press: Cumhurriyet (left)
Tuesday February 25, 2003

According to the information that the newspaper got, U.S. President
George W. Bush told Foreign Minister Yasar Yakis and State Minister
Ali Babacan during their meeting in Washington, "gentlemen, there is
nothing for you to do in the United States. Return to your country
and pass this motion from your parliament. Any ally has not caused us
a lot of tiring effort like you." According to information, Bush gave
these messages: "1-We understand Turkey's concerns. And we take this
into consideration while we are taking actions. If we don't receive
the support we expect from Turkey, we totally act together with
groups in Northern Iraq. 2-If we don't cooperate, the IMF, World Bank
and World Trade Organization give you the cold-shoulder. And after
such a stage, it won't be beneficial for you to come to us or try to
correct the situation. 3-You are aware of the place of Armenian bills
in the U.S. states. However, submission of one of them to the House
of Representatives may be in question. Lobbies are waiting eagerly
for this."


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