Monday, February 24, 2003

In light of everything that is going on, I thought that you would like a little diversion from the political arena and share with you part of my future. No I�m not getting married yet, but the next best thing. WE HAVE PUPPIES!!!!

I was thinking that it would be a bad idea to write about this, since it seems this log brings bad luck to me and any small four legged creature that enters my life.

The puppies are purebred German Shepard�s. Their father is serving in the Artsakh army special forces at the Askeran base and their mother I think is serving in what is the equivalent of the USO, where she met their father while he was taking a break from his duty.

They are really cute. Both are female and I�ve hired someone to raise and train them to be real guard/attack dogs. On top of that, they are both female, which means that next month I�ll be adding their future husband to our family, so they can one day multiply and their children will then be shipped of to one of my factories.

Though I should save this news for a later log (so I will have something good to write about later), on March 8th, we will have the grand opening of Tikin Sylva�s Beauty Salon, located smack dab in the center of Martuni.

It will be the first European standard beauty salon to be opened in Martuni ever. It�s a gift for Mama (Sylva) Manoogian for woman�s day, which is observed here on March 8th.

All the women here are looking forward to this place where they will be able to have their hair, nails and make-up done, not to mention to have that unwanted mustache and other body hair removed once and for all.

Once we see how things go and if all is working as we think it will, we will start to build our new building which will feature a full service sauna and workout facility for not just women, but for everyone.

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