Friday, February 14, 2003

I think for my own well being, I�m going to suspend my reading of or continue to read it on an hourly basis so I don�t get information overload.

Being off-line for a week, especially during the presidential elections and then getting back on-line to have to read all that I have, made me decide to cancel my Yerevan trip I was going to take so I could be present for the presidential elections.

From what I�ve read in the press and in e-mails I received from neutral people on the ground in Armenia who are closely monitoring what is going on with the campaigning, it�s clear to me that Kocharian has a 99% chance to be re-elected. As much as they are claiming that he is not playing games, it has become clear to me that not only is he playing games, but he and is clan are going to do everything they can on an intellectual, moral, immoral, unethical and by all means possible level, to guarantee they are not defeated.

I guess with me having that state of mind, my going to Yerevan to be among my fellow Armenians, who are not blind to what is going on, will only add to my personal level of frustration.

I guess if I really believed that by Kocharian not being re-elected, war would break out and some great economic recovery plan would stall, I would be more supportive of his efforts to be re-elected. Unfortunately, I am convinced that regardless of who is elected, war will not break out and our economy will have an equal chance at getting better.

The problem I see is that Kocharian has generally left a bad taste in so many people mouths and by him being re-elected the way I think he will be re-elected, it will add to more bitterness, frustration and may cause people to do things in a not so nice way that they would otherwise not do.

I guess the name Robert Kocharian for me personally has a bad sound to it. In the last 5+ years, Kocharian means to me, corruption, bribery, death of fellow Armenians, increase in prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases, poverty, illiteracy, migration, treason, assimilation, human trafficking, decreased life expectancy, decreased birthrate, tension within the homes of the greater population, increase of alcoholism and substance abuse, suiside, orphan children with disabilities being exploited, Diaspora money being misappropriated, human rights violation of every imaginable kind, misrepresenting or misreporting statistics, manipulation, making promises that one knows are so far fetched that making them in the first place is worse than lying. Mind you, this is the very short list. The log list has over 1,000 items with details, of which one day Kocharian will be having to answer to.

I guess in for me, if Kocharian is ever going to be someone that I can even have 1 gram of respect for (not that this would even matter to him), he is going to have to make some really fantastic changes in the next 5 years.

Don�t get me wrong, I don�t only blame Kocharian or our other leader for what they have done in the past. I think we all have our share of blame and credit for what our nation has become and what it will evolve into in the future.

I think the dream I had last night sums up what we are feeling here. In short, it was a dream about some government official who was suppose to by law be elected, but the government decided that they would quietly appoint the official instead and let one man decided who that official would be. My friends here were outraged, didn�t think they could do anything to correct the wrong and I was really mad, telling them that I would write about this on the logs and make a huge stick about it. The dream was so real and believable, that I woke up and was ready to go to the Mayor�s office to get a copy of the law that had been violated, so I could quote from it for the log I was going to write.

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