Sunday, February 16, 2003

Thank you Der Hova for providing us with the Robert Kocharian Election Campaign Program, which you can view by clicking here.

I read over part of it and got as far as the social, health and education section of it and had to stop as it was all too unrealistic for me to comprehend. Not just that, but what I�ve seen in the last 5 years in many cases was the exact opposite of what Kocharian is proposing. In fact, recent deals that have taken place in the last year and deals that are pending now, would cause his proposals to be almost impossible to be realized (I�m not talking about deals with Russia, though maybe they too would effect his programs).

Not to influence anyone, but reading the RK Election Campaign Program reads like a fairy tale (maybe in some ways, Demirchyan's does too). Mark my words, if Kocharian gets re-elected, we will not see more than 10% of his campaign program realized, though I would guess that RK could do the same thing he did last time he was elected and announce a few month after he was elected that he has completed 90% of everything he had promised in his election campaign (which up until now, I don�t think he has delivered even 50% of the basic things he promised back then) and then go on the defensive for the balance of his term.

Don�t worry dear readers, only 4 more days of my ranting and raving on this subject (unless there is a second round), and then we can get back to me ranting and raving about other things.

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