Sunday, December 29, 2002

I just finished watching Ararat. I don�t know what to make of it as it was the Russian version. Yes you heard it right, Russian version. And the overdub sounded like the same person that does all the overdubs for most of the movies they show on Russian television.

From what I could gather, it looked like an okay movie, but I guess I need to get my hands on an English version to really appreciate its full meaning.

I also watched a few old Armenian movies, one being �01-99�. Now that is a classic that I just can�t get sick of. If you don�t know which one that is, it�s about a guy (Frunzig) that is suppose to deliver a small canister of wine to some guy whose telephone number is 01-99. On the way he gets drunk and collapses on the side of the road and is found by a passing car and all he can say is �01-99� which the passers by mistaken for the car that must have hit him.

It�s really quite cold and today the wood that was delivered was all cut up and my room is now really quite warm and cozy.

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