Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Tonight was the big x-mas party with Nune and I have to tell you right off the bat that I was wrong again. Bottom line is that I was blinded by hunger that day and it turns out that Nune was in fact our Lena.

I really figured it out when someone who was at the Hovnanian x-mas party tonight told me while I was bragging about my x-mas party at Nune�s friends place that Nune was at the Hovnanian party.

Well it was a great gathering and was at Alex house. We ate, drank and had some great bonding time.

We finished as I had to drive Lena home and guess what? IT�S SNOWING and is really cold.

I read in the Armenian papers today that on the 22nd to the 23rd, on the road from Goris to Yerevan, 35 to 40 cars were stuck and covered in snow and 160 people had to be rescued. Well I don�t want to keep saying this, but I think I really in love with my car and its jeep like features. To this if I was driving my old car it would have been 163 people that needed to be saved.

I think my plans to go back to Artsakh is going to be delayed, as there is a big big storm coming in and it�s expected to be worse.

I wonder if Lena will run into Nune at the airport since they are both going to Italy for the New Year?

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