Wednesday, May 28, 2003

As I mentioned in my last log that an Azeri reader of ours and I were planning on a possible program to get university students to talk on a non-confrontational level, just to get some dialog going.

I want to share with you the following e-mails I got from our reader in Baku Orxan Huseyinli, a 19 year old university student.

I had run the above mentioned idea across Orxan to see what he though and he wrote:

Hi Ara! how are you? i m well 10x! i liked your plan! i think we can chat together between azeri and armenian students and we can discuss the problem between us! i liked your plan! i have some friends who want to discuss this problem! so i wait you! i m waiting your answer! and your project! with greatest love :Orhan!

I responded:

Hi Orhan,

Plan? I really don�t have a plan yet, but I think between the two of us we can come up with something.

I guess first we really need to decide what it is that we want to accomplish and then a plan can be formulated to help facilitate what we desire.

The following is my list of what I would like to accomplish:

1. Everyone to understand that we are all human beings.
2. Everyone has a right to a free and fair life.
3. People need to be sensitive to other people needs.
4. People need to respect others religions and culture.
5. War does not accomplish anything and in a war there are no winners.

I think these topics are very general and could be a starting point for some kind of dialog between our students.

Some rules that need to be applied and respected are:

1. Everyone has the right to their opinion.
2. For this forum, we don�t discuss the conflicts that we have had in the past, as my feeling is we are working to create a positive dialog and discussing the conflict from the start will only build more wall between us. We first have to have a positive dialog and then when we think we are ready, we can start to talk about all the conflicts, understand them so they wont happen again and then move on.

Now down to the point of if we can do this or not? I know from my side here, there is no one that will stand in my way of doing this. They big question is if from your side they will let you do this. Remember, you live there and if for some reason this will cause you problems with your government, I will understand that you can�t do this. If you have no problems in terms of being harassed, then I see no reason why we can�t move forward.

Please get back to me with what you think of my general ideas and tell me what you would like to change and add.



Orhan wrote me back today:

Hi Ara! you said that you dont like the war! yeah?! ok ! so i will say that from all azeri young mans! Nagorno Karabakh is azeri region! and armenia was occupied that region from azerbaijan! killed a lot of people(children,whomens,old mens) and we will return back our regin with war way! and belive me , all azeries waht to return his own region with war way! you said the war is bad think! cuz you didnt war for your region! armenians werent kill and werent died for land! they were killed all time turks! in turkey and in azerbaijan! so wait for me! so wait for azeri turks! wait for azeri soldiers! we all are deady for second war! wait for us! we will kill all armenians! and we will return back our lands! our motherlamd-Karabakh! our heart! our blood-Karabakh! bye!
With gretest killing wishes one of the azerbaijanian killer! killer who wants to kill only armenians!

Well I guess that this means we were never able to get the project off the ground and that love that Orhan had for me was only for my dead Armenian body.

Well the following is my response to Orhan that I wont bother sending to him since he reads our log:

Dear Orhan,

I�m saddened that you were unwilling to accept my hand of friendship I have offered you and understand that me being ethic Armenian is what stands in your way from honestly loving me as you had once said you did.

I am further saddened that you find war is the only answer to resolve the conflict we are presently facing, though that too I understand since the Turkish people have a history of wanting to kill Armenians and why should I expect this to change now?

I do want to tell you that if you and your fellow Turkic people decide to start another war with us, as much as I dislike war, I will have no choice and defend my home and people in any way I can.

I hope for your sake that one day you and your people will learn that war is not the answer to problems and like I told you before, in war there are no winners.


Well readers and all those governments that have been trying to get us to sit down at the negotiating table to come up with a peace plan. Here is another example of who the Turkic people are.

This should also give you a good idea why this conflict broke out in the first place. Armenians and Turks can not live on the same land together as like we saw in 1915 and then again in 1988, there are too many Turkic people like Orhan who are thirsty for Armenian blood.

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