Saturday, May 24, 2003

�Who Wants to be a Millionaire� has made it Armenia and I�m watching it right now.

The show is one big television commercial for a bunch of sponsors. ArmenTel is their main sponsor. A sip of Armenian Real coffee is what every round starts with. Metropol Hotel got their name blurted out as well as some water company gave a gift basket to one of the contestants that won 8,000 dram. The big prize is 5 million dram (about $9,000).

The music is the same as heard in the US as well as the graphics, lighting, look of the studio (though it looks to be bit smaller as far as audience) and the only real difference is it�s all in Armenian.

This girl named Rosanna was able to answer the starting question in 1.8 seconds and then the first question that even I could answer, she got wrong. How embarrassing.

The weather today was not all that great (very heavy rain) and I learned that it has caused some crop damage to the fields in the Martuni region.

For those wondering, my logs are a great deal shorter these days not because I have nothing to write about, but because I have some big things in the works and if they materialize, I�ll tell you all about them.

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