Friday, May 30, 2003

I just got home from Souren�s funeral. It was one of those funerals that you feel was natural and sincere.

They wished Souren a safe journey to the after-life, sending with him news to his son and daughter who had died before him.

Just a little background on Souren and who he was.

Souren was a man that I can say was honest and clean. Everything he had he obtained on his own with hard work and honesty. Not to say that his generation or today�s generation does not have that potential, but it seems to be quite rare.

Souren was the brother of my first surrogate mother I had in Artsakh and the uncle of the mayor. His sister like he I have known since I first came to Martuni and can say from first hand experience is also honest, sincere and clean.

Anyway, we will miss Souren and as they say here, may the soil he is covered in be light.

Last word on our reader Orhan (since I don�t want to give him too much credit).

The shock of his deception I think I�m now over, though that bad experience I don�t think I will ever forget and in the future will probably be much more suspicious of Turks who claim to love me.

Orhan I�m very hurt that you lied to me and already am missing you. If you were truly sincere about wanting to build that bridge between Armenians and Azeris, I really think we could have done some big things together. Maybe you would have been awarded some great prize for your work. I guess I�ll just have to move forward without you.

Anyway, I was reading the California Courier Online, May 29, 2003 commentary (one of my favorite readings) about House Resolution 193.

What I found interesting was Turkey's Ambassador, Faruk Logoglu, sent a letter to all members of the House Judiciary Committee denying the facts of the Armenian Genocide and stating, "the time is for dialogue, not for one-sided pronouncements on history."

As Harout stated in his commentary �It is amazing how fast Turkish officials run for cover or support �dialogue,� the minute they sense that they are in trouble. In an attachment to his letter, the Ambassador tried incredibly to convince the Members of Congress that adopting this resolution would �surely affect the on going dialogue between Turkey and Armenia and the process of reconciliation between the two countries and peoples.��

I guess the Ambassador is not in tune with what his general population is feeling, or like Harout said, is ready to toss out the �dialogue" card to hold of the enviable, the truth coming out and genocide recognition. The truth is that many Turks are not interested in talking, they are interested in Armenian blood.

As for Orhan, I�m saddened to know that if in fact he is ready to play the war card, he and his fellow war-mongers will inevitably jump into the pit of death if and when they try to attack us and it really will sadden me more to learn that just maybe the bullet that puts an end to his demented life will be fired by some weapon that I am holding.

For those of you who would like to send your condolences to Orxan Huseyinli before his untimely and self-inflicted death, you may do so by writing to: and please be sure to cc me a copy so I can later pass your kind words on to his next of kin.

Well this is all I will write about Orhan and as far as I�m concerned, he is already dead. No more Orhan stories on Cilicia.

Well I�ve got to take a quick nap and then get back to the stone factory. I have some samples I have to get ready to send with someone that is going to Australia tomorrow.

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