Saturday, May 17, 2003

I�m not going to bore you with my connection problems, I�m just going to say that I still have them and that working with a 9,600bps connection is no fun at all. They tell me that come Monday, they will be dealing with this problem. I sure hope so.

We are within a matter of days away until we really start to cut stone. Yes, even I see that we are there. We worked all day Friday to finish putting on all the limit sensors on the main saw and whatever minor expected problems we could have encountered have finally passed. Monday or Tuesday should be the big day!!!

The weather has been great these last few days and I can feel that summer is just around the corner.

In the next couple of days, my cabinetmaker and I are going out to my lake where I am building a Dacha (a rest house). The building is just about finished and all that�s will be left is the furniture which I hope will be ready in the next month.

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