Thursday, May 29, 2003

What a productive and fulfilling day!!!

This morning I woke up with the roosters and walked to work.

Then at noon, I walked home and then back to work and then back home at 7 PM.

I got home all sweaty and sticky and I have to tell you what a great feeling that is. There is nothing like a good physical workout. Just the walking was a total of 9 miles.

After a quick shower, I dressed up to go pay my respects to Souren, an 81 year old neighbor who passed away yesterday.

At the wake, the women were inside the house with Souren and the men outside talking.

I had mentioned to a couple of people about my recent encounter with Orhan and one man told me that Turks are not fighters and we really have very little to worry about.

He said that Armenians in general are good fighters and if they know they have to fight to survive from the start of a battle, they always win.

He went on to say that we should remember that in the history of the Soviet Union�s army, there were about 20 Marshals (In American terms, this would be a 5 star general). Of the 20 marshals, 4 of them were Armenian and of those 4, all of them were from Artsakh (one from Shushi, one from Hadrut and 2 from the same village in the Shahumian region).

One person commented that I can no longer blame Kocharian for not coming to any agreements with Aliev as like Kocharian, I too have failed with Orhan. Well I guess Robert and I now have something in common.

Well tomorrow is Souren�s funeral, which means that I have to drive to work in the morning and then rush home at 11:15 to take a quick shower, dress up and then drive over to Souren�s house so I can take his widow, sister and any other elderly women to the cemetery.

Man am I soooo tired right now. It feels great!!! Too bad I�m driving tomorrow :(

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