Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Today I had to go to the pension fund office to receive our register for my business, which we use to report our employees earning so we can pay into the pension fund.

Prior to singing for the register, I was told by law I have to keep this register for 70 years. I didn�t want to tell the worker that I only plan on being around for another 60 years, but instead told him I would do my best.

The big news as of day before yesterday is that the chief of police of Martuni has been removed from his post and as of today word is that the regional minister will also be removed. People are crediting me for this change, but the truth is that even though I have been telling both of them they wont work long and told the regional minister a few times I will have him removed, I didn't really do anything yet (other than a few minor comments to some official) since I understand the problem is not found so much at the regional level. The real problem is found at a much higher level and my sights are aimed for just a little bit bigger change than what we are seeing today.

Yesterday I finally watched Ararat in English. The first time I purchased it, it was in Russian and I really was not able to follow the story. All I will say is that for a movie that promotes the message of there was a genocide in 1915, it really does the job. As for it being a great movie that I can watch over and over again, it really does not do much for me. I mean don�t get me wrong, I plan on watching it a few time, as it�s very intense and to get the whole message on the first viewing is just not possible.

The weather report is that besides a little bit of rain everyday around 7 PM, the sun is out and I�m wearing short pants and am on foot whenever possible. I love this time of year!!!

As for my internet connection, it�s not quite yet 100% fixed, but at least my connection speed is now up to 12,000 bps.

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