Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The last time I was in Stepanagert, I went to Vesta Electronics to purchase some batteries and while there I noticed a Moulinex juicer for 9,000 dram (about $15). I asked to take a closer look and asked if it was the real thing or some copy, since the word France was printed on the box and the price was way too low? The salesman told me it was the real thing, but for that price there is no guarantee if it breaks.

I figured for the price it was worth the risk and purchased it. Only after using it for the first time yesterday, I figured out that the �Made in P.R.C. France� must mean that the Peoples Republic of China is now part of France. On top of that, what I thought I read �Moulinex� in a fancy script reads �Moulimax�. The juicer is not the greatest quality, but it seems to work, so I really have no complaints.

The stores are starting to fill up with fresh 100% all naturally grown vegetables, which will give me a chance to drink healthy freshly extracted juice made on my Moulimax, P.R.C. France juicer (until the motor burns up).

Last night my neighbors and I enjoyed all natural carrot juice and boy was it good!!!

Internet connection report. I�m now working on a 4,800 bps connection. Ouch!!! At this speed I can't get my Yahoo mail, so if you have e-mailed me and are waiting for an answer, please hang in there.

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