Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I'm back in Martuni after sending Seta and her son off.

I have never stayed in Yerevan this long ever and I know that staying in Yerevan is not good for my health.

I saw everything I didn't want to see, like police stops, hospitals and the likes.

What was good about my stay was my friends that I had not had time in the past to see.

So now I'm back home and when I got here, my internet connection was not working (and is still not). So I had to come to the only internet cafe in Martuni to check my mail and log.

The local youth are right now standing over my sholder watching me type and are impressed with the speed I can type. Only problem is this keyboard that is not working well (a few keys you have to slam down on).

Anyway, Yerevan was very hot when we left and if the weather is the same in Yerevan today as it was when I left, then the weather here is much better. Nonetheless, I have my A/C going as in some ways I'm just not use to this kind of weather or just like too much to feel comfortable.

They started to cut wheat here in the Martuni region and it looks like the weather up until now has worked out so most will not loose any money in their investment and I get the feeling from the good harvest we are having, the price of wheat will be low and we will probably have a surplus, which is good.

Anyway, I need to get going as there are others waiting to use this computer.

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