Thursday, July 03, 2003

Today I met with the Minister of Social Security.

We discussed adoptions in Armenia and I told him of a program that I will be implementing very soon that will help natives to adopt orphans. In the program we will also be working to promote the adoption of children with physical and mental challenges.

He told me that his ministry will cooperate in everyway possible and provide us with any information we need so our program will be successful.

From this point on, all adoptions in Armenia and Artsakh we will be closely monitoring to make sure that they are done properly.

I�m looking forward to meeting with the adoption committee to see who they are and also put them all on notice as to how they need to observe the law and work accordingly, or else be ready to answer for their actions.

As for the weather in Yerevan, today was very hot and smoggy. I think the time is nearing that I must return to my home in Martuni, were I have air-conditioning and clean air. I guess I'm home-sick :(

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