Monday, July 14, 2003

Last night as I walked home in the star-lit streets from the internet cafe, I passed a couple of women who were headed in the opposite direction. One of them called out to see if the person in the dark passing them was me.

The women informed me that the owner of the radio station that Monte's brother gave an interview to a month earlier sent word to her that he wanted to see me.

The other woman who is a pediatrician at the Martuni hospital asked me if I knew someone who could sponsor 10-days of summer day-care for 50 children who are the children of martyrs of our liberation struggle.

It seems that these 50 children are presently attending a 10-day summer day-care program sponsored by the Artsakh government and are the children who the government could not afford to send off for a summer vacation at a summer camp in the pine valley of Dzaghgatsor, Armenia.

The doctor said that she was very impressed with this program that is going now, as she put it, "it's taking the kids off the streets and instead of them falling out of trees and getting bitten by snakes, they are getting 3 meals a day from 8 AM to 8 PM and are kept busy with fun activities."

I asked her how much is needed for this 10-day program to be extended the additional 10 days she is proposing and she said 300,000 dram (about $517).

As I walked home that night, all I could think about was the price that was paid for the freedom we have today to walk the streets of Martuni at any given hour.

I guess the heaviest price for having the night sky being lit by stars as appose to tracer-bullets and other such projectiles was paid for by our children who lost their father or mother and in some cases, both.

If there is anyone interested in sponsoring 50 children for 10 days and can afford to make a one-time US tax-deductible donation that will defiantly have a positive effect on our children here in Artsakh, please contact me and also for reasons of time (since I still don't have easy internet access), send Mama Manoogian a copy of your message at, as she is the one who will receive your donation that will be wired here.

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