Thursday, July 17, 2003

Today I went to visit the school where the summer day-care program is and to tell the director that we have secured the funds to extend the program.

He was very happy, thanking me and the person who donated the money to realize this work.

I had gone to see him with the mayor and as we finished our meeting, the director asked who is going to tell the regional minister that the program will be extended and why?

The mayor said that he and I would go over right now to tell him.

The mayor called and told the regional minister that we request to meet with him and after telling him why, he told us to come right away.

It has been quite some time since I've last visited with the regional minister and if I recall the last time, it was not a friendly meeting to which I had made my traditional demands and a warning of "if you can't fulfill my request, don't be mad at me later [for what I will do]."

Well the meeting was quite cordial and he thanks whoever made a generous contribution to our children.

During the meeting I asked the regional minister how his fields faired during the harvest?

He told me that it was a good harvest and went on to elaborate that one of his 40 hector fields had a yield of 600 tons of wheat and the other 40 hector field 960 tons. Some mention was made that the former chief of police had even a better harvest and the former regional minister faired even better.

I did the math in respects to the regional ministers 80 hectors of wheat and knowing what the going rate of planting and harvesting and the minimal selling price for wheat these days are, I figured that after paying his property tax (that is if he pays the full amount required), he should have seen an $11,000 profit from this harvest.

After our meeting it came to me that the above mentioned persons and one other very well to do business man here in Martuni, are doing quite well from harvesting the liberated lands surrounding the city of Varanda (former Fizuli) and are only able to do it because a good number of the fathers and mothers whose children are now attending the summer day-care program spilled their blood and lost their lives in the process of liberating said land.

So I have decided that after I deliver the money for the extension of the summer day-care program, I'm going to meet with the 4 people who had a great harvest and ask each one of them to donate 100,000 dram so we can once again extend the program an additional 10 days.

I'll explain to them that this will be good for everyone and a chance to show everyone (here and in the Diaspora) that they are ready to share their good fortune and show their appreciation to the families who made the greatest sacrifice in the liberation struggle.

Do I smell a Disney ending to this story?

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