Thursday, July 10, 2003

It's great to be home!!! I guess I really missed this place and though it's not Yerevan with everything one needs, it's home.

Today I met with the head of the Martuni division of the phone company (Karabagh Telecom).

It seems that my phone connection that is a direct line to Stepanagert that I use for internet has a chronic problem that for over11 months they have not been able to fix.

At the time when the problem hit its high was in winter and I was told that from the wet weather, the cable was damaged and when things dried up, it would resolve itself. At one point I was also told that the main cable had been damaged to the point that it needed to changed all together.

I figured that it was unreasonable to ask them to make any changes being that it would be very difficult to replace the cable when the ground was muddy and so on.

Well after returning from Yerevan, I found my connection to Stepanagert at its worst ever and figured that winter is over and since KT is privy to their cable problem, then they should have been ready to change it the first chance they got when things dried up.

The head of the phone company told me that they had sent out a crew who worked on the cable for 5 days and resolved the problem. I told him that if they think the problem is resolved, then we have a very serious problem.

I gave the head of the Martuni division of KT 3 days to correct the problem. If the problem is not solved in that time frame, I will have no choice but to take more drastic measures and push the government who signed into the deal with KT giving them a 30 year monopoly on telecommunications in Artsakh, to make good on the deal they signed into KT, which includes at very least maintaining their service, which in this and other cases they clearly have not done.

One other thing I should mention is that the new internet system they have installed in Martuni is not a satellite connectin as I was lead to believe. It seems they are using the cellular system that they relay back to Stepanagert's internet connection. To say the least, it is very slow to run everyone off of one 24k connection. I mean when I first got internet and the land-line was normal, I had a 24k connection to myself, so you can just imagine what 24k split among a dozen people is like.

Well it looks like for at least the next 3 days, I'm going to be an economic stimulator to the internet cafe here in Martuni.

As for the weather, it was great today. CLEAN AIR and not too hot!!!

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