Saturday, July 05, 2003

Well it looks like my stay in Armenia will be yet again extended, as I have to finish getting things in place for the adoption assistance program we are implementing.

Our Nagorno-Karabagh registered NGO will be partnering with the Monte Melkonian Fund, which will defiantly ease the work for me as they already have an established office in Yerevan were perspective persons wanting to adopt can come and meet with our attorney who will be handling the adoptions at no cost to the new parents.

I wanted to share with you a little bit of fall out I got from

A very interesting debate is going with that group on the rights and wrongs of paying bribes to adopt from Armenia. It seems that there are moral people out there and just didn�t know they were feeding into a system that we are trying to rid ourselves of.

Anyway, here is a message from a woman named Angela Bedrossian, who my attorney in the states has advised me to sue for slander, defamation of character and mental anguish.

From: "hyechick8"
Date: Wed Jul 2, 2003 11:32 pm
Subject: Ara Manoogian / International Fees

Hi Michelle,

It's plain and simple. This guy, Ara Manoogian, is an Armenian-
American living in the Karabak area. He had some "problems" back
in the states and fled to live in Hyestan. To supplement his
income, he purportedly arranges adoptions of infants from the
Karabak area for high fees.

Trust me, if you list your name and e-mail address here, he will
contact you looking to "sell you a baby". If you are an Armenian
couple, the fee is sort of reasonable. If you are a non-Armenian,
he will "arrange things" but for a much higher price.

He is currently trying to "shut down" the "competition" in Armenia.
There are several other legitimate facilitators / agencies that
operate in the country. They provide excellent service and assist
institutionalized children in finding loving homes. (in the USA,

He has approached several members of our Yahoo group and offered to
handle transactions for them for exhorbitant fees. In the interim,
he has attempted to ruin the reputations of all of his "competition"
operating in Armenia.

He thinks nothing of the children, he just wants the CA$H.
As my medzmama used to tell me. "Follow the Money".

He tells everyone that Armenian children are "better off rotting
away in dilapidated orphanages, than to be given to non-Armenian
families". Great attitude, huh? Screw the loving families that
would take in these poor children. UNLESS they give HIM the CASH

(this includes OLDER children and children that have severe
disabilities. these children would most probably be considered un-

Follow the Money !

Ara Manoogian and his cronies are a bunch of thugs.
The words "Fake, Phoney, Fraud" come to mind when I hear his name

Take care and don't despair,
Angela Bedrossian

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