Monday, January 05, 2004

Armenian Christmas is tomorrow and to ready myself, I went to Stepanagert to get presents for my friends and neighbors.

After a shopping spree, which included stopping into a glass shop to purchase mirrors for a new dresser I am having made for Mama Manoogian’s room, I drove up to Shushi with my driver and the poison snake eating twin sisters to light candles.

We got to the Church to find bomb-sniffing dogs checking the church and areas surrounding it. It seems that the President and Prime Minister will be attending a Church service tomorrow and they apparently have too many enemies.

I met our new Der Hyr, Der Emanuel, who will be the clergy in the Martuni region as soon as the “Church” they are building here is ready.

I asked him if he had arranged for housing in Martuni? He told me that it was a problem that they needed to solve. I offered him Papa and Mama Manoogian’s house as temporary housing. He thanked me for the offer and said that he will visit with me when he comes to further discuss this and other issues.

After lighting candles, we returned to Stepanagert, pick up the mirrors and headed back to Martuni.

I cooked a nice chicken dinner with all the fixings, which I shared with the poison snake eating twin sisters. I knew I was a good cook, but this time everything seemed to taste better. I guess weather and company effects ones taste buds.

As for our weather, I’m really not sure what is going on here. There is not a sign of snow and in the day it has been unseasonable warm. I sure hope we start getting some snow, or else the mice will not freeze and the crop will not get watered.

And according Garo, our reader in Canada, for those of you that were wondering, “I got some info for you regarding snakes. apparently the snakes blood and bile are considered a male aphrodisiac, so go Ara. It’s also good for fatigue, your eyes, and your lower spine. In China they usually put whole snakes in with rice wine, to give to licqour its healing powers.:)”

Well I better get going as I have dishes to wash.

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