Sunday, January 25, 2004

If the following story is accurate, then it's clear that the Kocharing government it not interested in dealing with the corruption that is truly effecting out nations long term development. We can now only hope that a power will come into play that will deal with the 89 measures dedicated to that which is really needed, that his plan does not cover.

"Serious omissions" in Armenian government's anti-corruption programme

23 Jan 04

Yerevan, 23 January: The anti-corruption strategy and the programme to implement it, confirmed by the Armenian government, contain a number of serious omissions, Amaliya Kostanyan, the head of the centre for regional development, has said. She believes that this could be linked with differences between members of the coalition government.

Amongst other things, Kostanyan noted that the programme was declarative and only included some problems concerning corruption mainly in the courts, customs and taxation bodies. Such important problems as the environment, the use of administrative resources during elections, disaster areas and other issues demanding attention have not been considered at all. Kostanyan noted in particular the infringement of the rights of public organizations, which are cited as responsible participants in only five of 94 measures dedicated to the fight against corruption, and nothing is said about the participation of public organizations in drawing up legal and normative acts.

Moreover, Kostanyan said that the chapter of the government's anti-corruption document on corruption in politics is not clear enough, nowhere are concrete mechanisms given to link the state and society. Kostanyan noted amongst the main shortcomings the fact that no mention is made anywhere in the document of who will systematize and supervise the implementation of the programme. Independent institutions need to be created and developed so that they can carry out this supervision through their joint efforts, Kostanyan said. It is a question of attracting to the independent institutions both public organizations and representatives of different spheres - business, the media, international bodies etc.

Passage omitted: Transparency International's rating of corruption in Armenia

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