Friday, January 09, 2004

Don’t you hate it when you purchase the latest electronic gadget and the engineers who designed it miscalculated the wear ability of certain components?

Well last week, one of the vital control buttons of a Sony gadget I have stopped working because of just such an engineering flaw and there was no Sony service station close by for me to take it to.

Last night I took the whole thing apart at 3 AM and being that these Japanese gadgets are so compact and built in such a way that everything interweaves that in the end I ended up with a pile of little parts.

This evening I got myself a 10 cent tube of superglue and using the superglue and the ridged transparent plastic packaging, I re-engineered the badly designed part so it should never wear out and then performed the almost impossible and put this miniature marvel back together and guess what? It actually worked when I put the batteries in it.

Today my excavator started work on the road in front of my house and tomorrow if all things goes as planned, we will start to bring in truck loads of gravel and maybe by Monday the grader can come in and level the gravel, thus, no more mud when it rains.

The weather here is really amazing. There is no sign of rain or snow, though it seems to be getting a little bit colder at night.

I’m not going to say that I’m in the homestretch of my book, but I’m really getting closer to the point where it can be compiled. The big task ahead of me is to review video from the early days (1993 and 1994) of my visits here and write about it. I’m really not looking forward to this since there is sooooo much to write. Uffffff.

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