Thursday, January 22, 2004

Tonight I had dinner at Rosa Myrig’s house. She says hello to everyone that knows her and hopes that you are all healthy. I guess she meant that for my parents and our friend John, but since you all know her, please feel free to benefit from her warm wishes, I’m sure she would not mind a bit.

As we were sitting and talking during dinner, her husband Hurant was watching television (yes, they even do that kind of stuff here) and what was he watching? A Brazilian soap opera. If you ask me and Rosa Myrig, the stuff is junk, but for Hurant, it’s true and real stuff. At one point, he asked us if we saw how someone killed someone else? Since we were not paying attention and talking to each other, we thought that he was watching the news or something and when we realized that he was referring to the soap, I told Hurant that he better be careful, as they may call him as a witness to the crime. We laughed.

Rosa Myrig’s grandson is studying to become an attorney and I asked her where he got that idea from? She said that her son Urig wanted to become an attorney, but from what I understood, he was cut from the university in Baku because of his last name being Armenian. That was in 1979-80. Even back then, Armenians were being discriminated against. So it seems it runs in the family. They have very high hopes on their grandson, who one day will inherit all they have, being that he is the male child in their lives. Hurant said that when he fixes things in their house, he thinks of his grandson who may not want to live in Martuni, but at least if he chooses not to, he can sell it at a fair price.

The weather here is not what it should be, and were still hopping it will snow soon, but it looks like that may not be for a while.

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