Friday, October 29, 2004

As we can see from the story below, there are jackasses in every part of our government, though it seems that the defense ministry has more than it should. If you ask me, there is no need for “peacekeepers” from Armenia in Iraq, not just because there is an Armenian community there, but because we will also be aiding the West with their act of cultural genocide of the Iraqi people in the name of “war on terror”. I say that if we do end up sending a force to Iraq, one of the conditions is that Serg Sarkisyan, Robert Kocharian, Mikael Arutyunyan and their families must go there also and live among the people and if their children or wife’s are taken hostage, we don’t back down when the native Iraqi’s demand to withdraw our troops and then broadcast the beheading of their family members on Armenian television as a lesson to them and those that think the way they do. God help us all.

Defence chief says sending peacekeepers to Iraq Armenia's task

Aykakan Zhamanak, Yerevan
28 Oct 04

Text of unattributed report by Armenian newspaper Aykakan Zhamanak on 28 October headlined "Actually, we have become independent"

Does the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Deputy Defence Minister Mikael Arutyunyan, not think that the dispatch of Armenian peacekeepers to Iraq might endanger the security of the Armenian community in Iraq?

In response to this question of our correspondent yesterday, the deputy minister said: "Do you think that there are no Georgian or Azerbaijani communities in Iraq? Of course, there are. But both Azerbaijan and Georgia think of increasing their presence in Iraq. The point is not that we fulfil someone's desire by sending troops to Iraq, we solve our own tasks. Otherwise, let's surround our country with a fortress and say that we cannot step out of this boundary."

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