Saturday, October 23, 2004

For those interested in knowing my internet surfing habits, I wanted to share with you them.

My surf starts with checking e-mail account. While they open (sometimes very slowly due to my slow connection), I open and read news stories from the Armenian world between mails.

Depending on what I read and receive, I open and post stories that are of interest to me and reflect what effect my world and enhance what I write about.

To wind down, I visit, which is a great site that I recommend to everyone to visit at least once a week to view the picture of the week and stories that reflect the positive side of life.

When I log out of my e-mail, I read top news stories of interest from Yahoo. Sometimes if the story really interests me a great deal, I visit the message board linked to the story to see what other people think and even post a comment myself.

Usually once a week, I do an internet search with the name of someone from my past to see if I can locate their e-mail address, I send them off a message to see how they are doing. Sometimes I get an answer back, sometimes the message comes back undelivered and sometimes there is just no answer.

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