Sunday, October 24, 2004

Turkification… The way out

Immigration is a common occurrence these days throughout the world. People looking for a better life, willing to do whatever they have to leaving their economically deprived country of origin in hopes of security in the West.

One of the ways Armenians from Artsakh migrate to the West is via political asylum. And who better to qualify than a child from a mixed marriage, the father being Armenian and the mother Turkish, who can not live in Azerbaijan or Armenia/Artsakh in fear of religious prosecution.

The question comes as to if the birth certificate that the asylum seeker has is in fact accurate, reflecting accurately if the mother is in fact Turkish or not? I for one know of a woman who paid the licensing office official for a birth certificate to change her mother’s name to an Azeri Turkish name so she could gain asylum in Germany. Though I know personally of one case, knowing the Armenian mother, I have heard of many other such cases.

The woman working at the licensing office in Martuni has been said to be selling birth certificates for years now. The going rate is $150, a small price to pay for economic stability which not only gives you a chance to a better life, but also housing and a monthly allowance for you to survive off of from the government that grants you asylum.

And who is the woman at the licensing office? She is the wife of someone who lost his life in the war. A woman who had to have a degree in law to get the job and paid $700 for a degree that she did not attend one day at the university to earn. She will sell you any kind of license you want. Need a birth certificate for a child that you didn’t give birth to, but purchased from someone to refelct you as the birth mother? No problem.

Turkification in Artsakh for asylum seekers is common and if you ask me, is again us doing what the Turks could only dream of doing to us, emptying out our country of families.

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