Sunday, October 03, 2004

Parliamentarians and homosexuality in our culture don’t mix?

Though I’m sure this will become a very sensitive subject, I just could not resist touching on it, only because it is so ridiculous and I suspect more a vindictive act, as the recent more believable ArmInfo story I’ve posted below implies.

The one thing that I hope will come out of this is a comment that was made by Karen Babayan, Chief Physician of Dermatology and Venereal Disease of the Republic of Armenia, who basically said that people who spend their whole day with prostitutes and/or gambling, are no better and if you ask me, are much, much, much worse since gamblers and people who cheat on their families have very bad judgment. I know for sure that the majority of parliamentarians engage in such practices, as do many of our ministers, Presidents and Prime Ministers. The proof of this is our present day condition.

One thing that I will say is that the stories that have come out about this subject on the part of journalist is quite irresponsible, since not only did they not get the whole story before printing this sensational story, but in a recent story from ArmInfo, the other side of the story which seems to make more sense has now come out and really tells me that this story should not have been taken seriously in the first place (and the reason I didn't repost it on my site).

One thing that is sad is the initial reaction we got from some high ranking officials who suggested some very uncivilized, dehumanizing and illogical solutions to this “problem”. These are the same people who have been trusted to adopt laws and run our country. Their judgment should be brought into question.

The only thing I do agree with is that for gamblers and those that cheat on their families by spending their days with prostitutes, we should do like Deputy Emma Khudabashyan said and “After publicizing the names these deputies [and government officials they] must be seated backwards on donkeys, their faces blackened with soot and they must be taken for a ride in their electoral districts so that those who elected them, could spit in their face,” she said. “This is what our grandfathers used to do with those who were repudiated by society.” Not that I really think this is the solution (because I don’t), but it was so ridiculous that I just could not resist reposting Emma’s stupid backwards way of thinking suggestion. As sad as her suggestion may be, my friends and I got a good laugh over it.


YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 30. ARMINFO. A homosexual scandal has broken out in Armenia's political elite. Parliamentarians came to calling one another gays, and homosexualism became a subject of serious discussions and comments in the ruling elite.

Today's briefing at the RA National Assembly focused on the subject and on the possibility of gays being members of the ruling elite. The member of the "People's Deputy" Hakob Hakobyan publicly called Vice-Chairman of the "Law-Governed Country" party, Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Defense, National Security and internal Affairs Mher Shahgelsyan a homosexual, stating that he can present proofs in court. In his turn, Shahgeldyan denied the claim. "Hakob Hakobyan's claim is a filthy lie. He just could not discredit me in another, as I have a stainless reputation. Nobody would believe him if he accused me of financial embezzlements, bribery, changing party affiliation, so he decided to discredit me in this way," Shahgeldyan said. "After this claim Hakobyan has to have a man-to-man talk," Shahgelsyan said. He pointed out that he does not consider it advisable to apply to court now.

The scandal broke out yesterday, Hakobyan demanded that Parliament Speaker, Chairman of the "Law-Governed Country" party Artur Baghdasaryan present an annual report on the Parliament's expenses. According to him, even Vice-Speakers Tigran Torosyan (Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Armenia) and Vahan Hovhannesyan (ARF Board member) agreed with him. Hakobyan demanded that the Speaker report on the spending of the additional 65,000 USD provided to the Parliament by the RA Government. The Speaker did not satisfied Hakobyan's demand, which aroused the latter's indignation. He began swearing at the Speaker and the Head of the Parliament staff, claiming that "persons that came to Parliament in T-shirts are now driving armored Jeeps'." Hakobyan stated that he is even ready to transgress law for the people's benefit. Then he made a shocking claim that Vice-Chairman of the "Law-Governed Country" party Mher Shahgelsyan is a "gay." It is noteworthy that the reason for active talks about homosexualism in Armenia's political elite is a statement made by Chairman of the "Armenian-Aryan Order" party Armen Avetiosyan that some of the Armenian minister and parliamentarians are gays, and he intends to publish their names soon.

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